Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m looking forward to eating as much as I can on Thursday and then doing some Black Friday shopping the next day. And yes, I’ll eat as much dessert as possible and not even be a little bit ashamed!

I’m working at Porsche the first couple days of this week, then I’ll be spending the long weekend with my family. I don’t get much time with them because I work a lot, and we’ve all got very different schedules. It will be great to spend Thursday together. I’ll be visiting both my mom’s house and my dad’s house, so I get to celebrate twice!


I am extremely thankful for both of my parents. My dad just had his birthday on the 19th, so we got to celebrate it over the weekend, giving us a nice kickoff to Thanksgiving. My parents have both helped me in my racing, and they have guided me in the right path and helped me become a responsible adult.

Before you try to picture me doing the traditional Black Friday shopping, remember who you’re talking to! I’ll be online scoping out all the racing gear that will be on sale. You can find both me and Sarah Montgomery looking for all the racing deals online!

What are you thankful for this year? Share on my Facebook page, and don’t forget to tell me your favorite Thanksgiving dish!