Racing at INDY!

Yes, you read that right! MX-5 Cup raced at Indianapolis Motor Speedway!! 



Let's be honest, our weekend started off a little rough. Patrick and I were dead last in practice one. Unfortunately, our team had never been to Indy before so we went out on a base line set-up. 2 Laps into practice one, we were both in pit lane making some set-up changes. Every time we came in and made changes, the car got better. Our Racing Analytics guys were on point! But with only 30 minutes during the first practice, it still wasn't enough time for us to dial them in completely. Practice two was much better, finally got the cars within the Top 15. The cars still weren't fully dialed in but we could stay on pace. During qualifying, Patrick and I got separated and I lost a draft.. putting me in 15th place and Patrick in 10th. 


race 1

 It was CRAZY.. yes.. CRAZY. I had an awesome start! Going from 15th to 13th before T1 and tucking in behind the fast guys. The plan was to get to Patrick and make my way up front. But of course, when you race Miatas, you draft. Well... I got freight trained on the exit of T5 and got passed by 3 cars. No biggie, still the first lap of the race and I've got 45 minutes to reel them back in... and then BAM, I get hit from behind on the exit of T5 and lose 4 more positions. At this point, I was furious but held it together.  We ended up finishing 17th that race which is really unfortunate because our car was a Top 10 car but I got really unlucky on the first lap and it really set me back. Patrick ended up having to come in because of a mechanical issue at the end of the race, he was in P9. We grabbed a new motor for Patricks car and the Racing Analytics team + Bo Spurling had it in the next morning. 


Race 2

The second race was better for 2 reasons... First, Patrick made it up to 3rd place. Second, I started P18 and made it up to P10. Sadly, Patrick nor myself finished the race. Patrick had yet another mechanical issues and I got tangled up with a guy on the last lap while holding down P10, It ended my race at T1 before the checkered flag.


I can say without a doubt, our team is top of the line. It doesn't get any better than this. They worked their tail off all weekend and didn't hesitate to fix the car after we came in and needed something done. So SHOUT OUT to Racing Analytics, you guys are the real deal <3