Mentoring at My High School!


If you’ve watched The Road to 24, then you’ve seen what I went through to become a driver and to make it in my chosen career. Back when I was at Villa Rica High School, though, I wanted to be an RN. After graduation, I went to college for two years as I worked toward that goal. But by that time, I’d decided I wanted to pursue a career as a race car driver, so I left college. My driving took off for me, but it wasn’t easy.

Leaving college means you have to put in 2-3 times the amount of work because you don’t have that degree in hand. The path I took may have been tougher, but I succeeded in it, and I believe it was the right choice for me.

Now, I am volunteering at my high school as a mentor, working with a group of senior girls each semester. My path worked for me, and it’s important for them to plan the path to their future that works the best for them. I will work with them on planning, setting goals, networking, and being professional in everything they undertake. I’m helping them as they decide what career they want, and as they deal with the stress of being a senior in high school and trying to plan the next steps in their life.

Some of the girls already know what they want to do, and it’s important for them to have someone to talk to about it. Being a mentor is like being a friend who’s there to listen and give advice, because it can help for a senior to discuss things as they plan and set goals.

I’ll be meeting twice a month with the girls I’m mentoring, and we’ll work together for the rest of the semester, then I’ll get a new group to mentor next semester. I just met the group of girls I’m mentoring last week, and I am so excited about working with them!

Next year, Villa Rica High School is planning a big assembly for all of the senior girls. I’ll be there to talk to them, along with another graduate who is now a doctor. She and I obviously have had very different career paths, but we are both succeeding in male-dominated fields. The purpose of the assembly will be to show the senior girls that there are no boundaries when it comes to being female—you can do anything you want to!