The Streets of Toronto

Hey guys!

We're back from a very busy weekend at the Toronto Grand Prix which resulted in my worst finish ever in MX-5 Cup. My team worked SUPER hard on helping me set-up a great car and it's unfortunate to see it end that way. 


Race 1

Both cars started in the very back for both races and had a lot of ground we needed to make up in 45 minutes. 

Race 1 resulted in car-to-car contact on the restart and put me way back in the field trying to play catch up. Patrick accidentally hit the wall out of Turn 6 and knocked the left rear tow in while running in P7, so he decided to pit to save the car from becoming any worse. I finished 11th that race with a pretty banged up car and Patrick had another DNF.

Race 2

Race 2 resulted in two Top 10 finishes for Patrick and I. Although, It's not what we wanted. Both of us are capable of Top 5 finishes if we can keep our head in the game and dial our set-up in. Patrick had an awesome start and made up several positions, me on the other hand, did not have a good start and had a hard time gaining positions after that. Drafting is a huge deal is MX-5 Cup and once you're out of the draft, it becomes even more difficult to catch the field. Patrick and I ended up finishing P9 and P10. You could say that's exciting to finish Top 10 on the Streets Of Toronto but for us, it just wasn't enough. 



19983799_1612189202166701_76090854167400925_o (1).jpg

racing Mentality 

Racing is a mental game. You need to stay consistent, humble and aggressive. All while being the best racer you could possibly be. Accidents happen and sometimes you have an 'off' day or weekend. We had an 'off' weekend for sure. Resulting in a lot of frustration. 

I started to question myself at the end of this weekend.. Am I good enough to do this? What am I missing? Do the guys still respect me after a bad weekend like this? How do my sponsors feel? How do I feel? I hear all the time, "You're too hard on yourself." Yeah, I am hard on myself because this is what I LOVE to do and this is how I want to live out the rest of my days. 

This past weekend I feel like I back-tracked on everything I've learned over the past year. I was making rookie mistakes, getting frustrated and letting it affect my drive. I'm better then that and I should have shown it. My team works way to hard for me to have bad finishes like that.

We have about 4 weeks before our next race at Watkins Glenn International. Plenty of time to fix our cars since the white walls of Toronto left a few marks! We did some testing at WGI earlier this year and It definitely put us ahead of the game. Patrick and I are so excited to get back to a track we know!

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