Want to know why I volunteer? It's simple. I want to help make dogs and cats happy. Yeah, It can be stressful walking in, seeing them stare at you with their poor, dreadful eyes. I get it, trust me. But that is why I got so involved. I began working at a Dog Day Care in 2015, where we boarded dogs, groomed them and gave them the love they deserved while their owners were out of town. It was a perfect job! But my whole attitude changed when one day, I got to work at 6AM on a very, very cold December morning and saw someone had tied a dog to our front door with no shelter or blankets. Sounds like something out of a sad movie right? I wish it wasn't true but it is. That morning, I was so angry and upset with the stranger that dropped this poor pitiful dog off that I felt the need to do something about it.

I left the Dog Day Care in 2016 and began to pursue my racing career but later that year, alongside my old boss and best friend, we began to volunteer our time AND money into our most rundown shelters. To this date, Michelle and I have done 1 Full Turn Around in a shelter, getting their dogs out in less then 1 month (that's almost unheard of!). We do this by using social media, doing live-streamed videos of the dogs or cats for adoption, young or old, and getting in contact with no-kill shelters and rescue groups who could help us out. Michelle and I were getting dogs fixed and treated for sickness with our own money in hopes they would have a chance at a life they never saw coming for them.

It only takes 1 day a week to make a difference in a dog or cat's life. Go take them for a walk, bring them treats, bones, toys, etc. It's the little things that change an animal's attitude! Some dogs and cats go months without smelling or touching a blade of grass. Be the difference and help them feel what love actually is.


Need a partner in crime? A running partner? Someone to hang out on the couch with? GET A DOG! Dogs are the only thing that love you more than they love themselves!  I have never lived a day in my 24 years of life without a dog and I can't imagine my life without them. All 3 of my dogs are rescues and both of my cats came from the street. I saved them from being put to rest at a young age. Can you make a difference in a dog's life by rescuing it? My dogs taught me what love really is and in my house, being covered in dog hair 24/7 is love.

Racing to Rescue is something I came up within 2016. Racing to Rescue them from being killed because shelters are running out of space.. How sad is that? Imagine being in a small pen and having a TOD date on your kennel card. There are so many great dogs out there that deserve a second, third or fourth chance. Could you be that person for them? 


People say all the time, "I'm not a cat person." Okay, if you're allergic to cats, understood. I wouldn't want one either then... but I'll be honest, my cats act like a dogs. My oldest is 16 years old and I picked her up off the street I currently live on when she was only 6 weeks old. My youngest is one year old and I rescued him off of death row. I'm not saying all cats act like dogs, but they do have their own personalities like dogs do. Some cats want to be left alone: fill their water and food dish and they're happy! Other cats want to cuddle and share your pillow at night (I know mine does!). Cats are so great, easy to take care of and they are content with being inside or outside.

Surprising enough, 2X the cats are killed in shelters than dogs every single day. Small cats, big cats, young cats, old cats. Doesn't matter! It's so very important to get your cats fixed. The shelter I currently volunteer at is overflowing with cats and kittens. Every week someone drops off a box of kittens or "returns" a cat because they have no personality. Give them a chance at life by getting them fixed and allowing them to get comfortable in their new environment.