The Benefits of Pro Driver Coaching


A lot of drivers who are looking to increase their skills and lower their lap times look to driving coaches to help them achieve their goals. Hiring a professional driving coach can result in big gains that are worth the investment.

There are several kinds of coaches. A lot of times, “coach” can be a loose term: other drivers are eager to help a friend who’s new to the track. You also have coaches at High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) who are often experienced club racers who really know their local tracks. They offer free advice to other drivers because they want everyone to enjoy it as much as they do. That’s one of the great things about track days and racing: everyone gets to know each other at events, and everybody wants to help one another out!

Professional driver coaches are hired for a session, a day or even an entire event, and they will give their time exclusively to helping you be a better driver. They will tailor their coaching to you, really diving into the details by analyzing data like brake pressure, throttle response, turn-in radius and other small things that all add up.

When I coach at Just Track It! events, my goal is to help you become the best driver you can be, so I’m invested in helping. Just Track It! allows you to use your time how you want, and I want to make sure my clients get the most out of my time with them.

One benefit of a professional coach is that you will learn more about reading and interpreting your data, as well as how to best utilize your data acquisition system. And remember: data doesn’t lie! You may not be sure if you’re doing something correctly on track, but the data will know. (Sometimes it makes me angry because it tells me a truth I don’t want to hear!)

I learned a lot by hiring a professional driver coach, including how to read and interpret data!

I learned a lot by hiring a professional driver coach, including how to read and interpret data!

I didn’t know how to properly use a data system until I hired pro driver coach Tom Long, who taught me to use a data system for my professional racing. When we ordered our Global MX-5 Cup car from Long Road Racing, it came with an AiM data system. Now that I understand it, I’m able to instruct others.

A professional coach will also be prepared when your coaching session starts. You can expect your coach to have a track map to help you better understand the notes you’re making. (In a future blog entry, we’ll talk about what to look for in a professional coach, and how to make the most of the experience.)

Coaching can also be about teamwork! You can have a professional driver come in to coach teammates or friends, which can help multiple drivers all learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The new site makes it easy to find a professional driver coach, and you can even search by geography to find someone close to you. And if you’re interested in working with me, let’s talk! You can contact me so we can discuss your track goals!