The Potential of Partnerships


A lot of times, when we think about racers or teams partnering with a company, we immediately picture a sponsor handing over a check. But you don’t have to have a sponsor giving you money in order to have a partnership. Sometimes, you’re getting products to use and endorse. Other times, you want to team up with a company that’s doing charitable or community work that you’re passionate about.

As I mentioned in my post about being a brand ambassador, you’re representing any company that you are working with. You’re a spokesperson, whether you’re using car components a sponsor gave you in exchange for exposure or encouraging fans to support a charity you work with.

The Atlanta Humane Society is out to save lives and find homes for dogs, and so am I. Through my #racingtorescue efforts, I work with the Atlanta Humane Society to find dogs homes since Atlanta is my home territory. I promote them on social media, get the word out about adoptions, and attend their events. They have featured me in their newsletter and are great to work with.

On Sunday I did a walk in Atlanta to help find homes for dogs and to end overcrowding in shelters. The Atlanta Humane Society hosted the walk, and they had adoptable dogs there, including some that had been rehabilitated.


The best part was seeing everyone who came out with their rescue dogs to participate in the walk. They gave out flags for adopters, and I got one because my first dog was a rescue from the Atlanta Humane Society. I got to reminiscence about where she was then and where she is now. The best part of having a rescue is that you get a little bit of everything in their personality, so you get the best dog! There were such a variety of mixed breeds there, and they all looked different!

In January I’ll be a part of a Respect Your Elders car show. The Atlanta Humane Society will bring out a lot of senior dogs that need homes, and local classic car owners will have their cars on display. I’ll be there representing both Mazda Motorsports and the Atlanta Humane Society.

I am also partnering with my town! Villa Rica was such a great place to grow up, and now I get to give back to the community. I just got certified to be a mentor for my high school. I’ll mentor students in the 11th and 12th grades, and I can show them how they can be whatever they want. Somebody who has a lot of potential might be inspired to put our small town on the map! Villa Rica News & Views featured me in a recent article, where I talk about racing, mentoring, and the causes I’m passionate about. You can read the issue here!

As a driver, it’s not all about you. It’s about your sponsors and your partners, too! It’s always a two-way relationship: you help them promote their brand, their product, or their cause in exchange for their support of your passion.

If you’re interested in partnering with me, contact me and let’s talk about how we can help each other!