The Road to 24 details the route made possible by Mazda Motorsports for budding professional drivers to reach the upper echelons of the sport. Told through the eyes of Ashton Harrison, a 22-year-old professional race car driver from Villa Rica, Georgia who forms the backbone of GB Racing with her iconic pink roll cage on her racecar.

The Global MX-5 Cup is the professional racing series sanctioned by INDYCAR in the USA. The Road to 24 video tells Ashton’s story and features appearances by John Doonan, Director of Mazda Motorsports; Mazda racing legends Roger Mandeville and Jim Downing (also co-creator of the HANS Device); Crew Chief Shea Hughes of Racing Analytics and Jason Bondurant of the Bondurant Racing School, where Ashton first caught “racing fever.”


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Ashton Harrison: The Road To 24
Starring Ashton Harrison, Tom Long, John Doonan, Jason Bondurant